Pup gets super excited to perform various tricks

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPoncho is a 13 year old rescue dog from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Rescued from Riviera Maya, Mexico as a tiny puppy she has become a great family pet for Brent and his family. Poncho and her sister Carmelita were found by Brent's young children at the side of a dirt pathway that lead to the beach near their condo. Enjoying a Christmas vacation in sunny Mexico did not originally include bringing home a new puppy, but finding Poncho and her sister Carmelita surely caused a change to the vacation plans, in a good way. Once back in Vancouver after a very exciting airline flight and a drive from Seattle, the family with its two new puppies reached the Canada USA border. While asking the regular routine questions, the border agent also asked if the trip was intentional for bringing back new puppies.

Brent replied with a definite" no, but it has turned out well". Little more was involved and they all headed home. Over the years, Carmelita has found another home, but Poncho has remained. Teaching Poncho a few simple tricks was quite simple Brent said. Spending only a few minutes with Poncho, a few treats, and a little bit of patients proved Poncho was pretty smart. She learned to roll over with a simple hand signal and a couple words. She will do the trick without having to tell her, but it seems Brent automatically tells her, "OK Ponch, roll over". Poncho usually rolls with no effort, but as she is an aging pooch, the trick has become a bit more tough at times. Her excitement also gets the best of her during trick times, and Poncho performs a partial roll, jumping back up hoping to receive the treat. Sorry not this time Poncho, you have to complete the trick. In the end, Poncho always wins with more treats and some hugs and love.