Friends Save Money For Months To Surprise Girl With Car

Published November 25, 2019

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWe are a mixture of experiences, tastes, memories and first times. That's how the best stories are written. You remember perfectly your first couple, the first time you saw your favorite artist live or the first pet that gave you reasons to be responsible.You will enjoy watching this video where a group of friends save money together to give the surprise of their life to this girl on her birthday. Her first car! The girl is stunned and does not know how to react, even falls to the floor - She has a handful of emotions found, so much so that she does not know how to react to this amazing gift he has been given by his friends What good friends!

Selective memory makes hers and keeps in our memories the most significant information that marks us as people. It is the basis of our identity and truth, it is a pleasure to live all those moments that make us happy in our lives, especially when it comes to fulfilling our first dreams and achievements.Do you remember when you bought your first car? More than a car, it became your best friend and a companion who was in charge of collecting the best moments you remember and, without you noticing, they keep painting a smile on your face.

You will understand this point better if you were the first of your group of friends to have a car. It's as if a miracle had happened for everyone! They didn't rule you out for any plan, you obviously became the designated party driver and your car would fit everyone, tight, but they arrived.Like that first trip when they decided to go further and go on an adventure together. Surely you remember the talks, who was going and even how they were sitting. Because they can go on a thousand more trips, but you'll never forget that one.

Even if you knew how to drive, the skill is acquired with the passage of time and the first "rayon" took your heart out, right? You had suffered from love, you had had bad days and you swore that nothing worse could happen to you in life, but when you see that your "first baby" lacks a little paint, then you do panic.Don't worry, you've seen that it's not as bad as you think, and in the end, those experiences put you to the test to become a better driver. If you could see your frightened face today, you would surely die laughing.

The phrase "if you invite me to a place where I have to park, don't invite me" applied perfectly. It was a more complicated challenge than not talking to your ex on those nights when you missed him like nothing else.If you had been given a choice between parking in reverse than returning the car and exchanging it for a bicycle, you would have chosen the bicycle more than a couple of times. But now you're thinking, "If I could park between two cars with just enough space, nothing scares me anymore.You could bet you don't even remember how many saints you prayed to when it came time for the truth: driving on the road. The nerves were full, exaggerated precautions and safe speed more than calculated, but the satisfaction of reaching your destination was not taken away by anyone. Memories will always stay, but they are also the perfect pretext to go forward and keep moving in search of unique experiences.


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    She has some VERY GOOD FRIENDS, lucky girl.

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