Expecting father goes skydiving for gender reveal

Published November 22, 2019 41,357 Views $4.47 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesDo you like babies and extreme sports? Then this video is made for you! Many times people worry a lot about knowing if the baby they expect will be a boy or a girl. In this case, you can see how this man performs an extreme sport to know the gender of the baby that his pregnant wife is waiting for, observe the reaction of this man to know that he will be the father of a beautiful girl. Obviously, good news and extreme sports make good company, since this man is very excited to know that he will have a girl who will accompany him throughout his life. This is fantastic!

It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, it doesn't matter if his eyes are light or dark, if his hair is wavy like mom's or straight like dad's. It does not matter if he is stubborn and stubborn, like his mother, or if he is one of those who are distracted by something, because what that child will bring above all ... is happiness. In these times of scientific advances and desires that are already reached by credit card, there is no shortage of couples who turn to medicine to be able to choose the sex of their baby. The scientists are clear: something like that is only valid when what is sought is to prevent the appearance of certain genetic diseases associated with the sex of children.

Beyond this border, this whim opens up, not so justifiable, where sometimes, what parents look for is "family balance." That is, having a partner or finally satisfying the desire to have a girl when we already have two children or vice versa. We can more or less agree with such a desire, we can understand that vivid illusion of having a son or daughter with a certain gender. However, more than the whim expressed by the pink or blue color or that traditional vision associated with the sex of children, what should worry us most is that this baby comes out healthy.

In addition, we cannot forget that the option of choosing the sex of children implies not only having to pay large amounts of money, but also requiring more invasive treatments and the administration of medications with various side effects. It is clear that each couple, that each woman is very free to follow the formula that a son or daughter wants to have. However, the ideal is that beyond the desire to choose, love for life will come, whatever it is, whatever its sex, its character, its nuances and its personality.

A desired child, long sought or even that baby that is not expected but that we receive with surprise and acceptance is and always will be a gift to be grateful for. Beyond gender, what most mothers and fathers want is for this little one to come into the world with health, vitality and strength so that he can enjoy this world to the fullest of his abilities. This man is very excited!

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