Sleepy Dog Lies Motionless As Robot Vacuum Works Around Her

Published November 22, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs can sleep deeply like people? Then you have to see the reaction of this dog when a robot vacuum cleaner passes around it! Usually, some dogs often have deep dreams when they are very tired after playing or working all day, so it is normal that sometimes they do not want to get out of bed, just want to rest. However, this dog seems to be totally convinced that he does not want to get up, wants to continue sleeping and resting, since he is very tired, so he does not get up from the ground at any time despite the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner passes to his around and even bumps into him. This adorable dog is called Corsa and it's very fun!

Can dogs dream? Many times we think our dog is dreaming because when he sleeps, he usually trembles, has leg spasms, grunts and even bites. On a structural level, the brain of a dog is similar to that of the human. Researchers have used an electroencephalogram in dogs to assess their brain activity. After several tests, they discovered that dogs, during sleep, have brain waves similar to those of a person and go through the same stages of electrical activity that have been observed in humans.

What do dogs dream about? According to many scientific research, there is evidence that dogs dream of activities that are common to them. Since no dog has told anyone about the dream he has had, we can only guess. Dogs are likely to dream similarly to humans, repeating the daily activities that make up their existence, such as chasing, playing and eating. For example, perhaps when the dog barks or growls, it probably means that he is reliving a memory of a situation that led him to bark or growl in real life.

Like humans, dogs enter a stage of deep sleep in which their breathing becomes more irregular and they have rapid eye movements. It is during REM sleep that real dreams and often involuntary movements occur. Dogs can move their paws as if they were playing and breathing quickly or hold their breath for short periods. Not all dogs dream the same. According to scientists, small dogs dream more than larger dogs. A Toy poodle can dream once every ten minutes, while a Golden Retriever can only dream once every ninety minutes. Sleep also seems to occur more frequently in puppies. This may be because at that age they are processing the acquisition of large amounts of new experiences.

But how do I realize that my dog ​​is dreaming? A medium-sized dog, such as a Labrador, after a period of approximately twenty minutes will begin to fulfill its first dream. It is really very easy to determine when your pet is dreaming. All you have to do is look at it from the moment you start falling asleep. When the dog's sleep deepens, his breathing will become more regular. You will recognize the change because your breathing will become somewhat superficial and irregular. There may be strange muscle contractions and even if you pay attention you will notice that your dog's closed eyes move behind his eyelids. The eyes move because the dog looks at the images of dreams as if they were real images of the world. This dog just wants to rest!

Corsa the dog doesn't have a care in the world as a robot vacuum is forced to work around her. Hilarious!


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