Oblivious cyclist runs red light, has close call with SUV

Published November 21, 2019 2,770 Views $15.24 earned

Rumble / Close CallsThe streets can be a hazardous place for bicyclists and they need to be extremely careful of what traffic is doing in all directions. This is especially true at intersections and on roads with multiple lanes. Because cyclists are smaller and more difficult to see, they are often overlooked by motorists. They are frequently cut off or sideswiped by people not seeing them, or by people who believe that they should not be on the road.

With all of this going on, you expect bicyclists too be extra cautious and more vigilant about following traffic laws and traffic controls. Their safety depends on being alert and being ready to avoid the other drivers. Yet, this cyclist completely ignores the red light for traffic going east and west on Lansdowne Street. He sailed through a red light as traffic had already started to move in a north and south direction. He ignored the traffic control light and he ignored the line of cars waiting to enter the intersection. Completely unconcerned, he pedaled into the middle of the intersection as the light was green for opposing traffic.

A southbound SUV had started to roll into the intersection when he crossed right in front of it. The driver of the SUV was quick on the brakes and they managed to stop just in time. Another second and the bicyclist would have been struck and seriously injured, or worse. Somebody in the lane beside the SUV honked their horn, possibly as a reprimand, and possibly as a warning to the other drivers that this oblivious man was going through.

The vehicle recording with a dash cam was following a white vehicle that was making a right turn. The white car actually stopped, just out of view, because the driver had looked to their left and saw the cyclist sailing through. The cyclist would have hit the back of the white car, assuming that nobody hit him before he reached it.

Throughout this whole incident, the cyclist hardly even looked to either side. He appeared to not realize or not care that people were braking suddenly and honking. He may not have even registered that he had nearly taken his final ride. The man on the bike was carrying what appeared to be an empty gas can on his handlebars. It's possible that he was on his way to get gas for a car that had run out. As scary as he is on a bicycle, he might be even worse if he gets behind the wheel of a car.