Dance Crew Demonstrates The Evolution Of Dance (1950 - 2019)

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From the cultural identity of the United States people always had different styles of dance to express the way they were feeling about the economy, racial issues, even politics, and it just so happens to mark many significant points in our history. From the 1920s to 2019 here are some of the most popular styles of dance to sweep America throughout the years.

Dances from the 1920s were often talked about as hot and carefree from the shimmy to the Charleston to Gatsby companies. Most of the styles of dance from the 1920s were played in clubs. In the clubs, they did dance contests called marathons which is when you dance until you can't dance more. There were releases beaten all around the country from hours to days to weeks. In the late 1920s came the tango and the waltz which still play a role in archives today from dance shows like Dancing with the Stars to So You Think You Can Dance.

The 1930s and 1940s were the years of jazz and wave dancing like the jitterbug to the Lindy hop. Dancing remained very commercial throughout the chaos that happened in the 1930s. Going out and dancing used to be many people's distractions through it all. The 1950s was to most people the year of growth and disobedience. The adulthood of the dances in the 1960s didn't include a dance partner. They had danced like the Mashed Potato the Fly the Monkey and the Funky Chicken. Over 400 new dances were started in the 1960s. Artists like Nat Cole and The Beatles had a huge impression in this era for dance.

One of my favorite eras the 1970s! The colorful bright soulful disco era from dances like the hustle the Ymca and soul train lines. Break dancing is one of the biggest crazes of the 1980s, street dancing was born in this era. Even though break dancing was such a big thing, it was also the year of punk. The 1990s the era of hip hop and line dancing which led dance culture tremendously to this day. The 1990s had dances from the tootsie roll the flowing man to the macarena that still are popular in dances that kids do today. The 90s brought principal artists such as MC Hammer Vanilla Ice and Black Street that still bless our eardrums today.

In the 2000s artist like Brittany Spears N'Sync, Beyonce and Ciara swept the nation with their hit singles and rocking dance transits. Thinking back to the early 2000s the signature dances that come to mind were throwbacks like a crank that Soulja Boy The dance will always have a major impact on history and the future. From the 1920s to the 2019 music will forever be a way people can express themselves from many different productions.

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