Crazy Straw Ring Stack to Develop Fine-Motor Skills

Published November 15, 2019 81 Views

Rumble A blind client with very good dexterity enjoys attaching the small rings to the crazy straws. She is a pro! This is a great activity for developing motor planning skills and refining dexterity. Some individuals will enjoy color matching. I purchased the straws in a set of 6 different colors. Your child or client may enjoy matching all six colors. Cut the rings out of the vibrant plastic bottles that remain after using detergent or dishwasher soap. These rings can also be used for stringing. I love when materials can be used in more than one way and your child will, too. These rings are very small, so it’s best to use with individuals who do not put objects in their mouths....
Adapt the activity according to your child or client’s needs by
1) Use only 1 color or several if the person wants to color match
2) Position the straws on raised surfaces to promote reaching and upright posture.
3) Bury the rings in a container filled with marbles, pom-poms, beads and other small sensory objects. This will encourage visual and/or tactile exploration as the person finds the rings to stack.
4) Make clay or putty balls. Stick them on the table and push a straw into each. Now the straws are in position to use. Some children or clients will love integrating sensory clay or putty into the activity. Let their imaginations go wild!
5) Try burying the rings inside the clay or putty. This is a great way to strengthen and wake up fingers before performing the crazy ring stack activities.

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