I Turned My Mini Into A Stretch Limo | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published November 14, 2019 1,131 Views

Rumble FOR those who struggle to associate a classic Mini with a limousine, it’s time to meet the ‘Mini Limo’. Chris Wain, from Nottinghamshire, has created the perfect blend of vintage and luxury with his unique conversion of two classic cars. The revamped ride travels smoother than a standard Mini and is able to cruise at about 85MPH. Initially built as a wedding car and costing around £14,000 to build, Chris’s ‘Mini Limo’ was a true labour of love. Chris told Barcroft TV: “The thing I love most about my car is the reaction it gets from other people.” After meeting his future wife at ‘Notts About Minis’, a Nottinghamshire-based Mini enthusiast club, the pair decided a mini-limousine conversion would be the perfect car for their special day. Venora said: “It was my idea, I thought it would be a nice wedding car as the mini bought us together.” However, finding such unique wheels proved to be a struggle and the pair decided to build their dream ride instead. Whilst Chris assembled the majority of the car, Venora concentrated on the lining and interior. Under the bonnet, the car has a slightly modified 1275GF engine and a longer gearbox to ensure it can cruise nicely at a higher speed. Chris explained: “We were working very late at night and on weekends – it was a lot of stress and expense.” The car has since served the couple well as their family has expanded, providing the perfect vehicle for family days out. However, it’s not always the easiest to navigate. The car struggles to fit into smaller spaces and has a lack of power steering. But all of this is worth it, and it seems it’s not just the family that feel this way. “The car gets a lot of attention wherever you go, people love the car.”