We Live With 100 Wild Animals | BEAST BUDDIES

Published November 13, 2019 1,135 Views

Rumble A DAD of three keeps over 100 native animals in his private zoo home in Mount Egerton, Australia. Michael founded wildlife education company, The Rookeepers, in 2012. Since then The Rookeepers have grown to become a recognised name in ecological learning across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Michael’s goal is to connect children and adults alike with nature and encourage more sustainable ways of living. Michael told Barcroft TV: “My main mission for this business is to go out and just inspire as many people as possible - whether it's students or adults just looking after our ecosystem and our habitats and just really caring for these animals.” The mobile zoo is home to a wide range of Australian native animals including reptiles, birds, mammals and marine life. Michael said: “We've got dingoes, crocodiles, snakes, koalas, turtles, frogs, lizards, anything you name Australia can throw at us. Our zoo is also home to a few endangered animals; we’ve got the polar bears, we’ve got the koala there… We’re pretty lucky to have them and we try and breed them and ensure their population for future generations.” And Michael’s partner, Tegan Waterhouse, told Barcroft TV: “Michael is really good with animals. He just loves and adores them. I think every little step that he takes is going to make a difference.” Michael believes it is vital for kids to learn about wildlife. His daughters, zookeepers Yarra, 2, and Zali, 3, are huge wildlife enthusiasts and help their dad to look after the animals. Michael said: “They're always a part of it and I try to get them as involved as possible.” He continued: “We are out there, educating the future biologists and conservationists and zoologists. Hopefully one day they can pick the passion up and go out and follow in their footsteps.”