Cat Shows Dominance Over Dad

Published November 11, 2019 46,222 Views $10.09 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensHave you ever thought that cats can challenge their owners? Probably yes, since all cats have a different personality and, often, cats tend to be pets of dominant personality, where they do not accept orders from anyone. Usually, some cats like to disobey orders when they are in a bad mood, but this particular cat has a rather strong character, since it is capable of showing dominance to its owner. The man's name is Nick and the cat's name is Carrot, they both get along pretty well, but sometimes they don't agree on the correct position of the windows, since Nick likes to close the blinds so dogs don't bark , but Carrot likes to have people open to watch birds. This seems to be an endless fight!

There are many theories and / or myths that claim that cats like the sun and that is clear because there is no pussy that does not like to take it in a warm and comfortable place, either inside or outside the house, but if you want Really find out why, keep reading this article. Cats are domesticated felines that, if wild, would sleep and rest during the day and hunt their prey during the night.

Having cats as pets, this rhythm of life no longer corresponds to them, but, even so, they spend most of the day recovering their strength and sleeping in a warm place where, if possible, they directly hit the sun's rays. And why is this? Because the body temperature of cats, like that of all mammals, decreases when you sleep because you are still and relaxed, your body does not burn any energy and caloric expenditure decreases, so they seek to compensate for that difference. of temperature and prefer to sleep in hot areas or in those that directly give them the sun's rays as in front of windows, balconies or sofas.

Everyone knows that thanks to the king's star, our skin absorbs the sun's rays and our body can synthesize the vitamin D we need for the whole organism to function properly, and with cats the same thing happens. Sun rays help felines get the vitamin D their body needs, but not as much as we would like, since, despite how important it is, it has been shown that cat hair blocks the ultraviolet rays of this process and that the contribution of this vitamin is insignificant compared to other living things. What does bring the necessary amount of vitamin D to cats is a good diet, so it must be balanced and appropriate for their age.

The last, but no less important benefit of sunbathing for cats is the pleasure that this activity gives them. And it is that there is nothing more that the mininos like to lie down in a warm and comfortable place to take a good nap. But what cats really like are not the sun's rays, but the source of heat it brings. The sun brings many benefits for most living things, so cats benefit greatly from sunlight, so this cat likes to have open blinds. It seems that Zanahorita has won the war! Zanahorita 1 - Nick 0