3-Year-Old's Priceless Response After Mom "Ate All His Candy"

Published November 8, 2019 28,771,970 Views $40.48 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever seen a child's reaction after they ate their candy? You probably think that all children would get angry when they saw someone eat their candy, but this child seems to be quite adorable and understanding, since he can't get mad at his mother even though she ate her candy. Each child has a different reaction to problems, some may get angry and others can be very kind, but the truth is that it depends on the personality of each person, children often have the personality of an adult. This boy loves his mother very much and can't get mad at her, obviously he's not mad at her even though she ate her candy. This child is very adorable!

Babies and children love the sweet taste. In fact, when we think about sugar and children, the image of delicious treats comes to mind, since children not only enjoy sweets, but also adults. Each child's childhood is different according to the amount of candy that their parents are willing to give them, since it is important that children know how to differentiate sweet and bitter flavors at an early age. Eating sweets makes you happier, but you should know what kind of sweets to eat to be happy and feel happy too.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, gets angry with our children, our partner, friends, family and many times with ourselves, although we know that anger is not a constructive reaction, it does not take us anywhere, it does not solve anything and is totally unpredictable in any situation. Ideally, in a situation that can cause anger, we first breathe, calm down and control, and when we are calmer, we react positively.

Children show their strong character since they are very young, this is very true. We are not referring to tantrums or tantrums very typical of the second year of children's lives. The strong temperament of children is like an erupting volcano and does not concentrate on one stage. It is as if he had tattooed his way of being. Children often get angry and get in a bad mood for several reasons. From having to get up early, until I can't watch TV whenever I want. Apart from that, children often get angry because they have to go to school when they don't want to do anything at home, when they don't want to sleep in bed, and usually for things they can't change. or form according to your interest and will.

Some children get angry much more easily than others. Sometimes they get so angry that they lose control and their behavior ends up hurting someone or himself. Children should learn to channel their bad feelings and know that with their bad behavior they will not get what they want. They can't stop expressing them, but they have to learn to control them, so they don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. They need to know that their temper can generate bad consequences. This child is very understanding with his mother!

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