Excited Grandma Totally Reveals Baby Gender Prematurely

Published November 4, 2019

Rumble / Epic FailsNot everyone is prepared to have a baby, as sometimes future parents are surprised, since babies manage to grab unprepared people, especially the father of the baby. Sometimes, the news can excite people a lot, since having a baby is the dream of many, no doubt most couples want their love to bear fruit. Regardless of the sex of the baby, parents should always love their children, but sometimes they want more than a boy or a girl, depending on the personality of the parents. In this case, we see how the grandmother of the family is responsible for revealing what the sex of the future baby will be, so the couple's reaction to hearing the news is really lovely. The reaction of the baby's father is very funny!

The concerns of future parents revolve around three axes: the relationship of the couple, work and, of course, sex (and let's not talk if it is not desired, that worries can become anguish). As, in addition, each person expresses what concerns him in a different way, it is not surprising that at the beginning of pregnancy man can be more distant or more absorbed in himself, turning his head. It is not that he does not fool him (which in some cases may be so), but simply, chemistry leads him to that.

During pregnancy, the world of worries continues, but chemistry is responsible for reducing sexual interest at a time when fertilization is not possible. All this is done through two hormones, mainly: testosterone and prolactin. Testosterone is the queen hormone of man, which leads to strength, dominance and aggressiveness. When the couple is pregnant, this hormone descends and has its lowest level during the three weeks before birth, which becomes up to thirty-three percent less. In contrast, prolactin increases up to twenty percent in the same period of time. Thanks to her, it helps her develop new paternal instincts, such as sharpening the ear when the baby cries or decreasing the sexual instinct during the months of gestation.

The chemistry of the brain of man also leads him to awaken the protective instinct with his son and the feeling of satisfaction. When the baby smiles at his father when he changes his diaper or makes a smile, the man's reward circuit is activated, makes him feel very good and, above all, reinforces his bond with his son. Therefore, it is very important that there is a daily contact of the father with his son and that the woman let him be part of that attention from the first moment, although some believe that their partner is not so expert in the subject and others prefer to escape of certain routines All this has very considerable advantages, one for the father, which helps him develop oxytocin, the pleasure hormone and that makes him feel very good about himself. It also has advantages for the boy or the girl.

In short, our brain has allowed us to arrive here as a species. Therefore, it is not surprising that man's chemical reactions begin when he knows the news of his fatherhood and lasts a lifetime. The goal is to raise children, but being a father also has a personal benefit for the man, which helps him access new emotional records where there is more love and more enjoyment of small rewards.