Adorable bunny enjoys sweet banana

Published November 4, 2019 16,183 Views $23.48 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWatch as this beautiful snow-white bunny enjoys a rich banana given to him by its owner. This captivating scene will melt your heart completely. What a sweet tooth! Rabbits are animals so docile and vulnerable that when we see them we only want to take care of them and feed them, they are so spongy that they look like a small stuffed animal, for rabbit lovers to see things like this is a total overload of tenderness. Enjoy it! Can I give my rabbit a banana or a banana? Yes, but you should do it in moderation. Banana peels are also safe for your rabbit, but it is essential to feed it in moderation, remember to wash the peel well before giving it to your rabbit. There are many rabbit owners who are quite surprised by their pets' strange fondness for bananas and banana peels. Rabbits should not be given a piece of banana larger than an adult's thumb. Bananas and their shells contain starch. Starchy foods can significantly damage the whole intestines and other organs of a rabbit.

As lagomorphs, their intestines are designed to digest cellulose rather than food products rich in fats and carbohydrates. As much as you need to control portions of your bananas and banana peels, you definitely need to limit snacks. If you let your rabbits consume bananas, excess banana peels may have to deal with liquid feces, cecal dysbiosis, obesity and other health problems related to the deficient digestive tract. Not only will it be uncomfortable to deal with your pet rabbit, but it can also cause death.

Consider the sugar content of a single banana. Apart from the starch component of the sugar that will make it difficult for your rabbit to digest, you have to maintain control of your rabbit's physical energy. You cannot send your rabbit into a sugar rush, as it will be difficult for you to keep up with them. Feeding rabbits too many bananas involves the risk of exchanging treats with meals. When pet rabbits suddenly lose their natural fondness for green leafy vegetables, which is their main source of food and start begging for bananas and banana peels, you are depriving them of their potential for a long and healthy life. Never confuse your rabbit's diet by giving him too many sandwiches for what should be his main course. If they lose their appetite because of their vegetables, you'll definitely have a hard time "connecting" them to a herbivorous diet.