Majestic Bald Eagle gets returned back to nature

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeMost people love animals, so they think it is necessary that all animals are always free and in their natural habitat, since only in this way can they be happy and enjoy their lives. Some animals often get into trouble when they are in a learning process, which is why many rescue groups sometimes have to go rescue them and help them, since it is important that all species are conserved. On October 13, 2019 in Minocqua, Wisconsin, USa. NWC received a call about an adult bald eagle that was on the ground and found it very difficult to fly, and it was also difficult to catch, and it seemed that it could not gain height when trying to fly. Subsequently, the eagle had some tests to know how his health was, but he was fine, he just needed to dry his feathers and take a break. After the eagle's feathers dried up, the eagle was able to resume its flight and return home. Eagles are amazing animals!

These eagles reside near lakes, rivers, coasts, tundras and wet grasslands, as well as in forests and mountains. Choose areas that have available food and high-rise trees, but avoid any place that has evidence of human activity or is near large cities. This bird of prey is diurnal and solitary, but occasionally joins others during the nesting period and, consequently, groups of many birds are formed. Migration habits, on the other hand, vary in relation to the area where they live. Canada's bald eagles travel to the southern United States in the winter and, instead, the birds that inhabit Yellowstone only migrate in their own territory. They are used to locate landmarks such as rivers and mountains.

You will come to consider that this is a sharp and opportunistic eagle. In fact, it is customary to remove food from other animals, but that is their nature. It is a carnivorous bird whose diet consists mainly of fish such as trout, eels, catfish, salmon, cod and mackerel. To capture them, it does not submerge, but perches near the surface of the water and catches them with its strong claws. It also consumes small birds and mammals such as herons, geese, squirrels and mice, and in the winter it changes its usual food for carrion of large animals.

This majestic animal is the national bird of the United States and a symbol of freedom for many of its citizens; Therefore, it is also known as the American eagle. It is the second largest bird in North America, behind the California condor. It is very popular and its image has appeared in numerous films, posters and books related to American culture. Often, the young bald eagle can be confused with the golden eagle due to the similarity of the color of its feathers. It is not until 4 or 5 years that he reaches sexual maturity and his white feathers come out.

In view of their low fertility and other threats such as hunting, habitat loss and pesticide poisoning, the bald eagles population declined dramatically and was about to become extinct in previous years. It is very important that we respect the life of animals, since they are very important for biodiversity, in addition to the eagles being particularly interesting and beautiful animals. Today is a good day for this eagle!

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