Cat Humorously Plays From Underneath Blanket

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Rumble / Cats & KittensYour heart will melt when you just watch this naughty kitty play. It's so adorable! The little feline plays with his owner hiding under a blanket, his little paws are marked on the cloth, which is an overload of total tenderness. The nice cat named Luis, knows how to have fun and likes to play to hunt, the little Luis hunts the hand of his owner and his owner follows the game, because he loves to play with his small but brave pet, which challenges him, despite being like a giant for him Hilarious! Just as children need to play to learn and have fun, kittens also need this activity as part of their education. Play gives them the ability to relate to each other, to people and to other animals. It gives them security and allows them to acquire the skills of stalking and hunting.

The newborn kitten learns everything she needs from her mother and later begins to interact with her siblings. Towards the third or fourth week of life begins the stage of learning to relate to other species, including humans. It is here where it is fundamental that a person plays with them, that he caresses them, holds them in his arms and teaches them little by little not to bite or scratch their hands. They can learn from their mother not to fear people, but this if the cat is domestic and she herself does not fear them. You can read our article "How to play with your cat".

You can have a lot of influence on your cat's personality, but you also need to know how cats play. Keep in mind that if they don't socialise properly at this early age later on it will be very difficult for them to do so and they will most likely become mistrustful adults. Give them a toy, a ball, a mouse or anything else that can't be dangerous. Be very careful with threads or cords; if you swallow them, they can cause serious blockages, as they cause the intestine to fold over itself. Playing with objects sharpens his reflexes and allows him to acquire hunting skills. Contact with his master strengthens the relationship and gives him confidence and security to become an emotionally stable and happy adult.

How do cats and kittens play for fun? According to specialists there are four types of play in kittens that seem to be essential for their development. Knowing them you can know how cats play and encourage this type of games whenever it is in your hand. Fighting: From four weeks onwards, this type of game begins. The kitten fights with its brothers, at first with weak movements, but then becomes expert in the art of fighting. However, they rarely get hurt as they learn to control their claws and the strength of their bite.
The hunting jump: in this game the kitten hides, advances crouching and jumps over an imaginary prey. You can see cats playing with a leaf, a ball, their mother's tail or anything that has caught their attention.

Catch the prey: This is similar to the previous one, but includes claws with the hands to catch the object. If the prey was an animal, this is intended to stun it and then hunt it.Throwing objects through the air: if he finds an object in movement, he throws it through the air with his hands, as if he were taking a fish out of the water. Then he turns to catch it again.Watching the cats play is a lot of fun and you can also monitor that they don't get hurt and act if necessary.When it comes to exercise, the kitten doesn't need to go for a walk like a dog. It's enough with the immensity of stimuli he can find inside an apartment. He can spend a long time exploring, as it is very curious. When he can, he likes to get into the closets or drawers he finds open, or into seemingly inaccessible corners like behind a refrigerator.

In addition to knowing how cats play, it's important to make sure they get the exercise they need every day. When you're at home, you can encourage your cat to run, jump or do any type of physical activity that is so necessary for good muscle and bone development. You can place shelves with toys at different levels so you have to jump if you want to reach them. You can also make him chase a ball or any other interesting object. Make sure he's not overweight, as this makes it harder for him to move and he tends to become very sedentary. Surely your kitten has a definite personality and likes some games more than others. If you find out what attracts her most, you'll have hours of fun with your little friend.

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