Majestic & happy elephants enjoy swim in river

Published October 24, 2019 1,663 Views $5.87 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeElephants are majestic and beautiful creatures. They are one of the most intelligent animals we know, although we are only recently beginning to understand their intellectual and emotional capacity fully. They are a wonder to behold in a natural setting, such as this river, where they frolic and play, enjoying the bath. Elephants are capable swimmers and they can hold their breath and submerge completely. They benefit from the cool water on a hot day and they frequently bath and splash when they get the chance, grooming and cleaning themselves.

Elephants have complex social structure in their herds and they form strong attachments to other elephants that last many years. Capable of long memory, complex understanding, and emotional attachment, they are far more like humans than we once realized. Yet, elephants have been kept in zoos and on farms, exploited for amusement, labor, and financial gain. Under increasing pressure from concerned groups, governments are now outlawing such practices and making it harder to take advantage of these wonderful animals. People are now understanding that elephant rides and zoos are inhumane for such large animals.

Sanctuaries and rehabilitation facilities are becoming more common and tourism is favoring facilities with ample room for them and proper conditions.

Seeing elephants in a setting like this will take one's breath away. Seeing them behind the bars of a cage just doesn't compare.