Huge Iguana Mistakes Pool Tile As A Snack

Published October 24, 2019 167 Views

Rumble Enjoying a vacation in sunny Riviera Maya, Mexico near Playa Del Carmen for his honeymoon, Brent wandered the resort. Looking for some great video footage of the areas wildlife that inhabits the resort "jungle", Brent came across two beautiful iguana near the pool. The iguanas are usually vegetarians, but will at times eat meat if needed. Noticing two quite large iguana beside the pool, Brent set up his GoPro, to record some close up footage of these gorgeous creatures. Thinking he needed something to attract the iguana, Brent noticed someone had left a chicken morsel near by. Placing the chicken nugget in front of his camera, Brent then waited as the iguana began approaching, knowing he was getting some amazing close up footage of these animals. Brent also noticed that there were some small pool tiles placed on the edge of the pool deck. Apparently someone had found these small tiles on the bottom of the pool which had fallen off the pool wall. Placing them on the pool deck did not seem to be an issue, until after the first iguana enjoyed the chicken nugget Brent had used to attract him close to the camera. Once the first iguana gobbled up the chicken morsel, Brent noticed the second iguana moving closer. No sooner than approaching the camera, the iguana spotted the bright blue ceramic tile. This must have looked like a nice blue berry because right away, the iguana went directly for the blue tile. Before being able to distract the iguana in order to move the tile, the iguana gobbled it up. Looking ahead of where the iguana was, Brent noticed more tiles stacked along the pool edge. Instantly Brent walked forward and gathered up the small stack of pool tiles before this iguana or any other would be able to eat them. Hopefully the iguana was able to excrete the tile and not be affected by this. It sure shows that we all need to be aware of safety for wildlife that may be in our surroundings when we inhabit their natural habitats.

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