Halloween Party Ideas So Chic, They’ll Scare You!

Published October 21, 2019 28 Views

Rumble To many, Halloween decorating means sacrificing the elegance of your home in the spirit of plastic skeletons and all pumpkin everything. But just like any other holiday, there are plenty of ways to put a chic twist on traditional decor. If you’re looking to throw a spooky-but-sophisticated soirée, we’ve got you covered with some of David Caruso's favorite ideas! And if you're looking to head out for the holiday, Agent Change and Agent Magistrate from Safehouse Milwaukee are here with details on a special Halloween party! "Bond, Boos and Booze" at Safehouse Milwaukee is happening Saturday, October 26 from 10pm to 2am. There will be a costume contest, DJ and dancing, special Halloween drinks, and an all-you-can-drink package for just $38! For more information, call (414) 271-2007 or visit Safe-house.com.