You can spend Halloween in the 'Addams Family' mansion

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Rumble If a living dead man with a pale face and bloody clothes knocks on your door, you don't have to run. The zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived, you can let your guest pass. Now, make sure that your home or the place where you're going to stay is up to the task of welcoming him on the scariest day of the year and that can only be offered by with its spectacularly realistic version of the 'The Addams Family' mansion.

In this terrifying season so awaited by the smallest and also by adults, as we all enjoy the spectacular decorations, sweets and scares of the fabulous costumes that we see everywhere, both people and businesses and shops are responsible for making more attractive their product and services depending on the seasons to have a higher index of sales and trade, Since consumerism is often associated with fashion and what is in trend at the moment, in this case is Halloween, ghosts and terrifying pumpkins that adorn even the farthest corner make us tempt and want to stay in the very house of 'The Addams Family' that best way to celebrate the recent launch of the animated series of this crazy and terrifying family so famous.

To celebrate the release of the new animated film 'The Addams Family', offers its customers and fans the opportunity to stay in a magnificent version of the famous family mansion 'The Addams Family'. Would you dare to venture and stay in this scare mansion? For fans of fear and this unforgettable classic is an excellent opportunity to make your Hallowen a unique moment and you can take many pictures in the house of the Addams madmen to boast to your friends that you are sleeping and living in this mansion that everyone knows for having taken over the television of all homes in the unforgettable era that marks the success of this famous series of comedy and terror. The new animated version of Addams Crazy People has made its way into American theaters and has been very well received by audiences. The animated film Los Locos Addams, which premiered last weekend in the United States, will have a sequel that will be presented in October 2021, the specialized media Deadline reported today.

With this proceeds, the film was placed in a commendable second place only behind Joker, who won the gold medal over the weekend with 55 million dollars. The sinister but very amusing Addams family returned to the big screen with this animated film by the directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan that has counted, for its dubbing in original version, with the voices of Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz and Óscar Isaac. Los Locos Addams also benefited from the fact that in a few days the Halloween party will be held in the United States, which fits very well with the gothic and fun spirit of characters like Gómez, Morticia, Wednesday or Pugsley.