Needy dog demands attention from busy owner

Published October 16, 2019 56 Plays $18.21 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPoncho is a 13 year old rescue dog from Riviera Maya, Mexico. She was found by Brent’s young son and daughter at the time that Poncho was a very young puppy. When Brent’s children found Poncho, they were 16 and 12 years of age having an amazing Christmas vacation in Mexico. Poncho has always been a very protective dog of her family and space, making it known if anyone happened to be coming within her yard or even walking near her home. She is also a very needy pooch, in a loving way, always wanting attention. Like most pets, Poncho loves to get all the love and attention, to be scratched and petted whenever possible.

One Sunday morning, Brent as a video creator, was working on a new short video for Rumble before anyone else in the house had woken. Well, Poncho was the only one awake, and she wanted her owners attention. Pacing around and around the kitchen area where Brent was working, Poncho continually kept nudging his arm to make sure he knew she was near. Of course Brent knew Poncho was there, he is always aware where his best pooch is, specially during the early mornings.

No matter where Brent may be sitting at home, Poncho always seems to have her eye on him. When Brent sits at the kitchen table, she will be in a nearby chair with her eyes focused on him, even in between her short few minute naps. When he relaxes on the sofa, Poncho feels she has to lay across his lap, just to make sure he knows where she is. Like most dog owners will say, their pups love to follow them around no matter what they are doing. It may be cutting the grass, yes Poncho follows Brent around the yard. It may also be while doing laundry, and yes Poncho has to be near while laundry is being done as well. No matter what it may be, Poncho definitely shows her love for Brent. Of course the magic word W.A.L.K turns Poncho into a roaring puppy, jumping and dancing around as though she was young, even at her amazingly young 13 years of age. She is for sure a lover not a fighter !


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