My Bionic Arm Makes Me Feel Sexy | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Published October 15, 2019 434 Views

Rumble A sex columnist with a bionic arm says her robotic limb makes her feel ‘sexy as hell.’ Born without a lower left arm Dayna Troisi, 26, went prosthetic free until she was aged 23. After seeing one being worn by an actress, she began exploring bionic alternatives. Dayna now sports a black robot arm emblazoned with a Chanel logo, who she names Tatiana. The New Yorker describes her arm as being ‘a little slutty.’ The writer is unapologetic about her limb difference, she hopes sharing her story will change people’s perceptions around sex and disability. Dayna said: ‘I don’t care when people stare because it’s different and I know I’m different. ‘I love sexiness, I love femininity and I’m so proud of myself that I’m up to a point where I don’t apologize for it. ‘To me this is like the ultimate fashion accessory.’ The 26-year-old admits one of the most difficult parts of growing up without an arm was people falsely expecting she was unable to participate in group activities. ‘When people assumed I couldn’t do things or needed help, that really hurt. ‘It affected my self-esteem.’Dayna is sociable and actively dating, and her disability isn’t something she intends to shy away from with prospective dates. ‘On dating apps I’m very open about the fact I have one arm. ‘I want people to know what they’re getting into and I’m just open about it. As a dating writer, Dayna proudly champions that disabilities shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a healthy sex life. She said: ‘Even though some things might be a little different for you, everyone is still totally deserving of pleasure. ‘There’s something so kinky about being a fem-bot or cyborg. ‘I just wish women would fetishize me the way men do. I would love it if a girl was like that’s so hot!’ Dayna hopes to change the conversation around sex and disability with her approach to honest conversations

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