Clever & easy bathroom hack for safety and hygiene

Published October 15, 2019 7 Plays $0.20 earned

Rumble / Life HacksPublic bathrooms are a serious concern for many people. Sharing facilities causes us to wonder about cleanliness and even safety. Our health can be compromised in many ways with the spread disease and bacteria. we are understandably bothered by the thought of bathrooms that are less than spotless. Yet, we cannot easily avoid using public bathrooms, at least occasionally. We hope that they will be in a clean state, but we have all experienced bathrooms that were not. In some cases, the condition of the restroom leaves us with no choice but to delay our business and bear the discomfort.

But there is a very simple solution that removes most of our concern by cleverly using an item that is all around us. Throughout the day, we find an abundance of single use plastics in the form of small bags. They are used to package our food, products we buy, and even the newspapers that are delivered to our homes daily. These bags are perfectly sized to be re-purposed by slipping them over the toilet seat. All we need to do is roll them up or fold them and keep them in a handy location such as a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. They don't take much room and they can be stowed easily until needed. The plastic film provides a perfect barrier for anything on the seat that is undesirable.

Plastic bags can be applied in seconds. They provide peace of mind and safety. They can be removed easily and tossed in a recycle box. A third bag in the pocket will allow the two used ones to be transported a short distance to the proper receptacle.

With the invention of single use plastics, life became undeniably more convenient, however, the cost to our environment and to the animals that ingest the plastic is horrific. WE have many good reasons to cut down on the production and demand for single use plastics. Our best option is to refuse them at the source. By carrying reusable bags, we can eliminate much of the plastic film that ends up in our oceans and landfills. As a bonus, we avoid the small charge that is commonly applied to each bag. We can carry reusable cups to avoid paper and plastic drink containers.

When it is impossible to avoid plastic bags, it helps to keep them and use them the next time so that we can avoid needing new ones. Reusing plastic film helps cut down on quantities.
This easy hack will provide peace of mind to those needing to conduct their daily business, and it gives us a second use for the plastic film.


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