Gigantic bull "moos" his appreciation when he gets his ear scratched

Published October 14, 2019 2,468 Plays $28.18 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsGus is a 2,000 pound bull who lives on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. He is a true gentle giant with a gentle disposition and a friendly nature. He wanders among his herd of cows who are also very happy here on this small chunk of paradise. They have hundreds of acres of lush, green meadow to graze on and ponds full of fresh water to drink. They even have a scratching post with brushes for soothing those itches.

Gus is a big boy with big ears and a big itch inside one of them. He patiently waited for his turn at the post while Ethel had a good scratch. When he had the chance, he moved in for some relief. He rubbed his head and his ear and he seemed intent on trying to fit the big brush inside his ear to get at the right spot. Gus' buddy, Dave was watching all of this. Dave had come over for a visit that day, bringing Gus' favorite treat, an entire loaf of bread. Gus had devoured the loaf in under a minute and now he was a happy bull, except of the itch in his ear. Dave watched Gus trying his best to scratch that itch. In fact, the entire herd was gathered around Gus and they watched him as well.

Eventually, Dave thought it best to lend a hand. Gus could use a little help from somebody with fingers and thumbs who could do a better job. Not all bulls would allow this, and not all bulls would even permit somebody to get so close to his females, but Gus is as relaxed as a bull can be. Dave walked up and started rubbing Gus' massive ear. Gus obviously appreciated the assistance and he moved his head to make things easier. He let out a few "moos" of contentment and then he wandered away.

As Gus takes a few steps away from the brushes, we get a great look at his massive shoulders and rippling muscles. He weighs as much as ten very solid, grown men. Maybe it's because Gus isn't threatened by anything, or maybe it's sheer luck that he's so relaxed, but he doesn't ever react with aggression or hostility. Of course, trying to scratch the ear of a grown bull, or even getting this close to one, is not always wise. Gus is definitely an exception and, even at that, his massive size and strength make him an animal to be respected.


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