Magic or Science?

Published October 14, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble What happens when you punch a bunch of holes in a plastic freezer bag full of colored water? It leaks like crazy - right? Not necessarily.
You take a plastic bag and you take a bunch of sharpened colored pencils and you take enough water or juice to fill the bag.. Now we pour the liquid into the plastic bag and punch a bunch of holes in the bag with your colored pencils. What happens? Do you end up with water or juice all over the place? Watch and see what happens and subscribe for more.


  • brenmichelle, 24 weeks ago

    Very cool

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  • BenW, 24 weeks ago

    Cool! what happens if you take the pencils out again? ;-)

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    • Munroe, 24 weeks ago

      Good question! I'll be on all fours washing the floor:)

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  • kadechannel, 18 weeks ago

    oh wow!

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