Great Dane puppy adorably dreams of chasing rabbits

Published October 10, 2019 6,123 Views $16.79 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRaven is an eight week old Great Dane puppy who has just arrived at her new home with her forever family. She has fit in beautifully in the two days that she has been here, completely falling in love with the family dog, River, and her new people. She has a healthy appetite and a love of playing, like all puppies. She loves to cuddle and snooze, which is also typical of pups this age. Raven has just curled up on the couch for some cuddle time and a nap. Who knows what goes through the minds of young puppies, but we can imagine that she is running, playing, or chasing something as she dreams and her legs kick adorably. Raven loves the soothing tummy rubs as she drifts off and she is in complete heaven as she slumbers with her owner stroking her chest and belly. Puppies this age are as soft as can be and it's therapeutic and relaxing to stroke Raven's fur as she sleeps. If only we could all be as carefree and happy as a puppy who sleeps as soundly as this.

Raven's new sister, River is a wonderful dog as well and the two play constantly. River is just as happy to have a new puppy as the rest of the family are. River is a playful pup of only two years herself and she is loving the energy level that Raven has. River and the rest of the family have been missing their beloved Great Dane, Briva, who passed away a few months ago at the age of 13. Briva was the reason that this family has fallen in love with the breed. She was a loyal protector and family member while the kids in the family grew up and she is sorely missed. Anyone who has ever met a Great Dane can tell you they are one of the most lovable dog breeds possible. Raven will grow to well over 150 pounds and will resemble a small horse by the time she has grown to fit her enormous paws.

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