Dachshund loves spending time with rabbit best friend

Published October 7, 2019 6,105 Views $17.36 earned

Winston is just totally obsessed with Tex the bunny rabbit. When he first saw Tex all he would do was whine and scratch his cage because he wanted to meet him. His owners were a bit nervous about them meeting each other, as they didn't know how they would react. Winston was driving them mad all day so they thought maybe if he gets to stiff him he will be satisfied. So they were very careful and let them finally meet each other, and it turned out they didn't need to worry at all as all Winston wanted to do was lick him and get in his cage with him!

Winston is so sweet with him; he will whine until they open his cage every morning and will spend all day constantly checking on Tex. If he's not laying in his cage with him, he would give him a little lick or just look in on him then he would be off again, but not for long!

Tex is a 10 year old Rex bunny, he is very playful with the children and wants to play with their toys too. He picks them up and throws them about all excited.

Rex rabbits are ideal as pets, as they are hardy and intelligent. The name is derived from the Rex gene, which is responsible for its straight hair that grows perpendicular to the body, and curly whiskers and eyebrows. The emergence of this breed was a result of the recessive mutation of the Rex gene. These rabbits come in standard and mini versions. They are medium-sized rabbits that are very popular as pets. Rex rabbits are also raised for their meat and fur. However, the practice is not common; as they are smaller, as compared to certain other rabbit breeds. They are also frequently seen as show rabbits.

Dachshunds are very unique and active little dogs that over the years have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Although small in stature, a Dachshund thrives on keeping busy and will happily take as much exercise as an owner would give them. The breed originates from Germany where they were bred to hunt rabbits, badgers and wounded game. There's nothing these dogs like more than being out and about chasing down a scent, but they are just as happy to curl up on a sofa next to their owner at the end of the day. Dachshunds are intelligent, loyal companions and they love being part of a household.

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