Red light runner is on a late night donut run!

Published October 2, 2019 2,373 Views $1.20 earned

Rumble / Horrible DriversDash cams are becoming more popular all the time. They can be used to defend your position in a collision, during a traffic stop, or in the event of a traffic complaint. But they also capture driving errors made by others.

This driver arrived at an intersection and had to wait for a red light for traffic heading east and west. Northbound and southbound traffic had a green light which went yellow and then red. Just after the light turned red, a black SUV entered the intersection, running the red light. Even as it crossed the intersection, the light for westbound traffic to turn left became green. Luckily, nobody had time to enter and collide with the SUV.

Somebody running a red light is not an uncommon thing. Most of us have seen it at one time or another. But when we see it, we imagine that there is a reason for the hurry. Somebody must be very late for work. Perhaps they have a sick relative waiting or an urgent deadline. But the last thing we would expect is for them to immediately pull into a donut shop. Right after going through the red, the SUV made a quick right turn into the parking lot of a gas station and Tim Hortons. It made a beeline for the start of the drive-thru entrance. This driver was on a late night donut run and nothing, not even a red light, was going to stop them.

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