Plastic Covers Windshield At Freeway Speeds

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Rumble / Dash Cam FootageHas something unexpected happened to you on a road? Maybe not, but this video will leave you totally surprised. Many people have experienced unexpected things along the way, as there are many things that could interrupt traffic or even delay it constantly. The truth is that on the roads you should always take precautions, since they are places where cars can go at high speeds to quickly reach their destination, and in this case, we can see how a plastic cover covered the windshield of this man who I was driving on the highway. You must be very careful with these things!

The man who was driving reported that he was going at a considerably high speed on the 205NB road, when suddenly a plastic cover hit the windshield and he could no longer do anything about it, just below the speed to get off the car and remove the car cover. plastic that was on his windshield. The man was very intelligent and drove perfectly well until he could stop the car, as it was going at a considerably high speed and had to drive 450 feet with the windshield covered in plastic, but finally reached a construction area where he could stop completely. Everything went well after all!

We live in a time when factors such as public works, rain, traffic, stress, potholes, lack of responsibility and the large number of drivers increase the risk and probability of suffering a more or lesser degree of accident.

Many accidents happen in such an unpredictable and fleeting way that we don't have time to prepare, but in many others, and as they say, "you see it coming". In these cases, preparing and protecting ourselves can save our lives or greatly reduce our injuries. The car will do its best to protect us, but we can also do some things to prepare for an imminent accident. Sometimes we are not aware of what is about to happen to us, accidents are fortuitous and can come as a complete surprise.

The consequences of an accident are regrettable, but a large percentage of them can be prevented. Many times we leave with little time to reach our destination, we drive with stress or tiredness, and that increases the risk of causing an accident, since we become drivers of risk when driving fast, not giving way to pedestrians or other drivers, we accelerate to beat the preventive traffic light or neglect the side mirrors without seeing who we carry on both sides, but many times we can have unpleasant surprises when driving, as has happened to this man, in these cases the best thing we can do is to act quickly to the situation, depending on each case, for example if there is an open road we can get off the road to avoid a possible collision with other cars.

it is very important that we always take precautions when driving at high speeds, since something can happen when we least expect it, so you should always know how to act in each situation. In this case, we can see how this man knew exactly what to do when a plastic cover adhered to his windshield and did not hurt himself or his car. Amazing!


  • dcwuk, 5 weeks ago

    Lucky man. Had this happen to me but it was a sheet of thin steel luckily it slid up the screen and scraped over the cars roof. Fortuantly there was no vechicle behind me,still put the wind up me though! Also damaged my roof which really peed me off.

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