Robot tries to befriend giant Newfoundland

Published September 27, 2019 9,572 Views

Rumble / Dogs & Puppies8 year old Sierra decided to program her toy robot to talk to her Giant Newfoundland dog. She thought it would be so fun, but Samson seems unsure of this new unknown thing. When Cosmo the robot says “How are you doing, Samson?”, Samson seems stunned and starts getting nervously excited. Then Cosmo responds and says “You’re cute”. Sierra is very excited to have best friends that include robots and massive puppies. How fun!


  • einsteinparrot, 50 weeks ago

    Cute! He’s so confused!🤪

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  • Nemesis7, 3 days ago

    Our Newfie would have spiked cosmo with his big paw

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