Massive puddle totally surprises pedestrians

Published September 25, 2019 352 Plays $0.49 earned

Rumble For several minutes, they recorded different young people who fell into a ditch that could not be seen because it was flooded. Far from warning them of danger, they mocked those who ended up inside the well and soaked. Moreover, while watching the situation or the reaction of the victims, they could have suffered more serious consequences.

Every time the storm hits the city, we encounter the same problem: the next day, hundreds of bottles, cartons and mixed waste wake up scattered on the pavement, dragged by all the water that gathered because of the rain. What should we do to avoid it? Do the waste on public roads really contribute to flooding? In principle, it is clear that floods are generated from a problem in the drainage system, which is saturated in some strategic points and generate small rivers in streets of small amplitude. The treatment of these systems exceeds us, having to be treated by the corresponding entities.

But, nevertheless, there is an aggravating factor that concerns us: garbage. Pedestrians who finish the soda and have no bins nearby, chewing gum that no longer had flavor, packages of other goodies or simply garbage bags that are taken out of the established schedule. These are some of the unfortunate protagonists of the urban landscape and potential responsible for the clogging in the rainy days, causing a garbage once it clears. While it is true that against a weather phenomenon we can only prevent ourselves, it is important that we assume our responsibility as citizens: Do not take the garbage bags out to the street until the rain passes, to prevent it from spreading, dirtying and blocking grilles.

When you drive on the street, avoid throwing cans, bottles, or other waste on public roads, as this causes serious inconveniences in the normal storm drain system and damages the environment. Avoid walking through the flooded area. If you are in the street, be careful because the drain covers usually come out due to the pressure. Avoid approaching the flooded area since its presence can hinder the work of people who help others affected. So, in order not to suffer so many floods, we have to start at home. The combination of rain and garbage on public roads only enhances the chances of water accumulating in different parts of your city. Being aware and responsible, we can avoid many puddles and traffic conflicts.


  • debdeb, 2 weeks ago

    I don't understand why the person recording this wouldn't shout out to the people warning them about it instead of just recording it??

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