Couples Walk In Romantic Beach Sunset View

Published September 24, 2019 13 Views

Rumble Couples Walk In Romantic Beach Sunset View , Ras El Bar is a little island in Damietta overlooks the Nile on one side and the Mediterranean on another. The morale of visiting this isle is to never 'judge a book from its cover'.

Yes there is more to that little island in Damietta. It can seem ordinary at the beginning, but it has so much to offer, with its guaranteed visual miracle with a perfect climate.

Ras El Bar translates to "head of land" in the Arabic language. Today's resort is located at the Mediterranean Sea, exactly at the mouth of Damietta River in northeast Egypt. The permanent residents' number amounts approximately to 25,000 permanent residents in the city. However, this number always witness an increase during the summer peak holiday season, that is from July to September, when the population literally expands to over 250,000.

Other stories tell that Ras El Bar was named by some sailors who felt that this place stands as the shelter where they are secure from the sea’s dangers. So if "Ras" is the start and "El Bar" is the land so it is the start of land and the shelter of any sailor.

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