Mini Pig "Superstar" Decides To Perform Concert

4 years ago

It's really easy to forget that we are not the only living beings living on this planet. We're trapped in our concrete jungles, escaping the scorching heat and the freezing icy winters in the sanctity of our homes. The only contact with the outside world are photographs and videos of animals living freely in the wild. But they are here, we share the same oxygen, we share the food, the water, the ups and downs of the climate changes. Love for animals has only increased as time has gone on. This day we can see lots of animals, whther it is dogs, cats being the most dominant but also pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs and many more that were previously known as eatables now have become completly domesticated.

There are almost 7 and a half billion people living in the world right now, and we are pretty sure that at least 6 billion of them absolutely love any sort of scratching, rubbing and just about any kind of pampering. So why would animals be any different? We’re used to seeing cats brushing the legs of their owners in attempt to instigate a bit of pamper love, dogs smiling from ear to ear when their belly is scratched, but this video is a bit different.

You have to admit it, mini pigs are extremely adorable. They are such loving goofballs and we just can’t get enough of them. Miniature pigs aren’t just a baby version of normal pigs, they are actually a separate breed of pigs that originates from the middle of the 20th century. It all started when Western civilizations imported Chinese pigs that were smaller in stature, to use them for medical research. It was easier to work with them because they weighed significantly less than the common pigs researchers were used to. The mini pigs were later bred with other common pigs and this gave the variety of mini pigs we’re having today.

The most common mini pigs today are the Pot-bellied pigs, Göttingen minipigs, Choctaw Hogs, and Kunekune and all of the cross-bred specimens that derive from them. They are mainly kept as pets and it is safe to say that they are some people’s favorites. The smallest breed of mini pig is the Göttingen mini pig. Despite their aesthetics, mini pigs are known for their playful characters. They even appear as little children with their love for games.

Now, here we quite the interesting video as this little piglet is destined to become a great piano teacher. Let alone the fact that this guy dresses to impress, he also runs straight to the stage and shows off his mad piano skills. Take a look and be amazed at how smart these little things are.

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