Fabulous flying dance routine

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Rumble Maja Kuczyńska was only ten-years-old when she stepped into skydiving and soon experienced her first wind tunnel. She is the most talented sportsman and will have a good future.
Her skills like dedication for her missions and professionalism have already made her the champion of the Junior Indoor Skydiving. The video of the 17 years old has quickly attracted the world with her wind-tunnel performance, popularizing and catching attention to the new but difficult sports of “indoor skydiving”. Two years back, a video on Facebook went viral, featuring her extraordinary performance during a sports competition in Spain. The clip was watched by over 20 million people all over the world.

She is having an interview below: Red Bull TV is showing a documentary about you, how do you feel being a series’ star? Shooting for that particular film was great fun and a different adventure, and I felt more adventurous in my life during the past few months. But I am not the kind of person who wishes to see himself or herself on the screen. It has never been impressed me. Yet being on the show and was something different. Out of box is about athletes who do things differently from other people. What was different about you there? The story is made up around a fact that I do indoor skydiving, which means flying in a wind tunnel, yet I have never tried skydiving on my own. The film-making team went with me to Spain, where I complete a parachuting course. The first jump was still one of the most difficult skydive, but then I started jumping all alone, I have completed more than 45 jumps.

What was the biggest challenge during the film shooting? "The most difficult thing for me was shooting clip in the mid-air with a parachute, because even though I am somehow used to the cameras and different wires wired around my body when I am in a tunnel for diving but in free-falling it was something new. Women are competing men in indoor skydiving, are there any arguments whether that’s good or bad? Some people use to discuss these things, but I usually try to stay away from a discussion like this. According to me, men and female are the same and equal and they should struggle together. The best answer proving the belief wrong that males have it better is that the current world champion is a female. This sport is not like athletics it is way more technical sport like skating and gymnastics, men don’t have it easier."