Drone captures secret exotic paradise island in Greece

Published September 14, 2019 7,039 Views

Enjoy a flight over Proti Island in Messinia, a peculiar and beautiful island, a breath away from Marathopolis of Messinia. When you see the island from afar, it resembles of a half-sunk Crocodile.

It has only one beach, Vourlia, which features turquoise, exotic waters and a few meters from the beach, the 40-foot Shipwreck of the ship Anuar, which was bombarded in 2nd World War. and lies a few meters below sea level in the sheltered bay of Vourlia.

The island has one permanent resident, the monk of the Monastery of IM. Dormition of the Virgin of Gorgopigi, which is the only building on the island. In the islet one can also see half-crumbling ascetics today, seafront inscriptions on the rocks and ruins of the ancient acropolis.

There, the Athenian ships that had come down from Zakynthos to Pylos had fallen in search of shelter during the Peloponnesian War and had fallen into terrible shame. During the Turkish occupation, the island was the home of Maniatis Pirati Katatulia, who attacked sailing ships.

Worth a visit!

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