Horse decides to find "better" way to cross stream

Published September 13, 2019 793 Plays $30.24 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsMaking fresh, clean water available for the horse might seem like a very basic thing, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds. Water completely untouched by chemicals or minerals doesn’t exist in nature. Water is, after all, the universal solvent, with a unique ability to pick up and dissolve virtually everything it encounters. These other substances contained in drinking water aren’t necessarily bad; minerals dissolved in water impart much of its flavor, after all, and many are even beneficial (such as fluoride in city water supplies).

More diligence is required if, like the majority of horse people, you draw your barn’s water from a well. Many streams provide beautifully clean water, but there is also the potential for infection. The same is true if your horse gets his water from a common source, such as a stream or pond in your field. Luckily, horses are well accustomed to buying with less-than-pristine water sources. We have seen the cats and dogs of this world as they frolic around apartments and yards, paly in water. The sight comes naturally to us, it is what we have known all our lives, right? But a horse?

This horse is having the time of his life cross the stream through the walk. He is an amazing horse. Some horses hate water, but some love the water. The video here is simple evidence of that. This amazing and beautiful four-year-old Dutch Warmblood shows that horses love the water and enjoying to walk through a stream. Why march over a bridge that you've trained over a thousand times before with no problem and keep your heels dry? Nope, the bridge is quickly scary so this horse thinks it is going to walk through the stream rather!

The horse thinks that the stream is simply excellent for him. The stream is gorgeous, so the bridge is suddenly scary so this horse thinks it is going to walk through the stream instead! Well done! This video is indeed very cute bearing in mind that this was amazing idea. Just in case you thought that horses are not one of those pets that you would consider labeling them cute, then you need to think again. This horse seems to be in a good mood for the day as he walks through a stream. Of all the interesting things about animals, at least from the perspective of humans, is the simple fact that they appear to be weirdly lacking in self-consciousness.