Incredible footage of the fittest one-arm man on Earth

Published September 13, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleDo you think some people are an example to follow because they achieve great success despite their disability? Surely yes, so you have to see how amazing this video is. He is a man with only one arm, who can be very athletic and lift weights without any inconvenience, obviously this man does not want to give up, he knows he has an incredible life ahead of him. Many people use their disabilities as an excuse not to overcome and move forward in life, for this reason this man should be an example to follow for all of them. Nothing is impossible in this life!

The man shown in the video is called Logan Aldridge, who, despite having only one arm, all his life has struggled to keep going and never give up to get what he wants, to become a great athlete. In this video you can see how he tries to lift a great weight in the practice of clean and jerk, to measure his maximum resistance, so he does his first lift quite well, but in the second attempt some things fail in the end, but still, He almost managed to do 2RM, which is surprising, since not all athletes can lift that weight. With effort and dedication everything is possible!

Weightlifting is a very common activity in people who love athletics, certainly there are many people who are born with the blood of warriors and strive to become the best athletes, regardless of their inconvenience or adversity. The good news is that there are currently tournaments for all types of people, this with the aim that the competitions are increasingly fair and equitable, so that there is no significant advantage among the participants, so that we can enjoy a clean tournament.

Today, social networks play a very important role in people's personal motivation, since many people use social networks to demonstrate what they are capable of and, in turn, motivate other people who consider themselves unable to do something. In the case of Logan Aldridge, he has done an incredible job and has become popular in social networks, since it turns out to be a motivation for many people, some of them consider it a great example to follow, since it shows that we never have to give up, we must always fight to fulfill our goals.

People with a lot of experience say that it is very important that all people have the same rights and opportunities, since sometimes talent can come from where you least expect it. No matter what sport or activity you want to participate in, the most important thing is to work hard to become one of the best, there are no impossible goals, only effort and dedication is needed. Many people with difficulties to move forward should follow the example of Logan Aldridge, get up from their seats and start doing what they like, since we will only be great at what we really love. This is probably the most emotional thing you'll see today!


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    Wow! Look at that strength!!

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