Everyone can't stop petting these adorable hairless pups

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHairless Mexican chihuahuas are one of the oddest looking dog breeds. They have tufts of hair on their heads but almost no hair anywhere else. They look very bizarre but cute at the same time. As would be expected, petting a hairless chihuahua is also a bizarre experience.

When we pet dogs, we are so used to fur that touching one of these dogs is difficult to imagine. Most people are actually a little hesitant but curiosity takes over and they give it a try.
Cholo and Squinty go everywhere with their owner and she told this small crowd that the dogs get as much attention as rock stars everywhere they go. People can't help but ask about the breed and if they can pet them. The dogs soak up the attention very casually, as if they are indeed used to it. These two dogs and their owner were at the airport in Cancun, waiting for somebody to arrive to pick them up from a little holiday. One of the onlookers here petted the dogs and declared that they feel like a walrus without the fur. Their skin was leathery and smooth.

This dog breed is officially called Xolo and their kind date back over 3500 years. Indigenous people of many years ago believed that these dogs could protect the home from intruders as well as evil spirits. They were even buried with their owners to act as a guide for the spirit as it journeyed to the underworld. These dogs were considered sacred by ancient Mayans and other peoples.

Xolos are featured heavily in art, and in legends, dating back thousands of years. The breed is so unique looking that it has even been mistakenly for the mythical Chupacabra of Mexico.
It is believed that they evolved from dogs with hair for survival in tropical regions. Xolos are the national dog of Mexico.


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