Motorcyclist casually rides down highway on back wheel

Published September 12, 2019 41 Plays $2.13 earned

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsTwo motorists were driving along near Millbrook, Ontario with their dash camera running. The driver saw an approaching vehicle, followed closely by a group of motorcycles. One of them was peeking around the vehicle as if he wanted to pass. The driver of the camera vehicle commented that the bike shouldn't pass. He tucked back in and they continued along, resuming their conversation about food and meal planning for the weekend.

Then they saw a strange sight. Another motorcycle was driving past in them in the same direction as the other ones, but he was on his back wheel. It's a rare sight to see a motorcyclist casually riding up a hill on one wheel. Even after passing by, he could be seen in the rear view mirror, still on one wheel. It's possible that he was lagging behind the other group of motorcyclists.

The reaction from the people recording was as you would expect. The driver's wife commented that it was not safe. The driver, agreed but couldn't help but admire the motorcyclists's skill. He commented that it took some talent to ride like that for so long.

Whether it is talent or recklessness, if this driver is caught by police as he rides like this, he could face fines of $2,000 and a licence suspension. In Ontario, this is considered stunt driving and requires an actual court appearance.

This driver did appear to have things under control and nobody was hurt. Hopefully, he will make it home safely and without a run in with the law.