Dude amazingly manages to jump through tiny pool toy

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Rumble / Funny & WeirdWhat can be a more enjoyable way to spend a beautiful sunny day than by the pool? You get to enjoy the sunlight, and when you feel too hot, you just dive right into the swimming pool for a nice cooling.

You swim a little bit, and then enjoy the sun lying on a beach chair or a big pool ring floating in the middle of a swimming pool! But if your feeling like a young man, you would probably like to have even more fun and do something silly. Just like a large man in the video, but with a funny twist you really have to check out!

Of all the fun activities that you can do around a pool, jumping into in the water has to be somewhere at the top of the list. This video of a large man jumping into a pool ring is seriously hilarious! We will break it down for you. A woman recording the video says that "she is ready for this!" then man dives perfectly into a pool ring and everyone cheers.

Swimming is just about the most enjoyable thing any of us can do on a warm day. It is a great way to cool off and also stay in shape. Swimming also presents us with a lot of opportunities to be very silly and the man in this video takes that to new heights. He amazingly manages to jump through tiny pool toy.

It is not clear where this swimming pool is located, but judging by everyone's accent, the popular guess is Russia.
The large man is contemplating what to do with a small inflatable pool toy. It is donut-shaped and barely fits around his neck. Finally, he decides to toss it into the water and then he very skillfully dives right through it.

Check it out, and you might get some new ideas for a day at the pool. This video shows a man who is having some great time at the outdoor pool and jumps in, but with a twist. There is a small baby inner tube in the middle of the pool, and the trick is to get into a pool through this inner tube. So, the man gets ready, jumps and scores! He made it!

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