Pup adorably wants to play with giant caterpillar

Published September 11, 2019 1,814 Views $3.23 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRiver is a dog who loves to play with anybody or anything. She runs around most of the day with a toy in her mouth and she will bring you a ball to throw for hours on end. When she's got nobody who has time to play with her, she will look or sniff around until she finds someone.

River was at the family cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario, when she spotted something she hadn't seen before. It was a giant, green caterpillar in a tree. River whined and barked, and she did some talking that she does when she is very happy or very excited. It sounds almost like Chewbacca from Star Wars. When Cameron went over to investigate, he found her staring curiously at the caterpillar climbing the bark of a cedar tree. A polyphemus moth caterpillar, one of the largest caterpillars in North Americas, was making its way slowly up. Luckily, it was out of her reach and she couldn't get to it. Although River is a gentle dog, she would have no idea how fragile these little animals are.

River clawed at the tree and tried to climb it until she eventually realized that the little fellow did not want to play with her. Cameron found River a stick to chew on and he threw it a few times until she forgot about the caterpillar.

River is a very unusual dog with an endearing personality and a gentle, loving nature. This family adopted her after she was diagnosed with a complicated issue with her immune system and a heart defect. Needing constant monitoring and medications, her condition was going to be overwhelming for the family who had raised her and loved her during her first year. They took her to an emergency veterinary clinic two days before Christmas, only to hear that her condition was getting worse quickly and was going to be too difficult for any ordinary family to manage. They made the heart-breaking decision to euthanize her. Literally moments before River's last breath, Serena, the veterinary assistant had an idea. She had fallen in love with this gentle little soul and she knew that she would be able to care for her. Serena's mother is also a veterinarian and the two of them could work together to keep her healthy. River's family loved her dearly and they readily agreed to this plan.

River may have a shorter life due to her illness, but each day is a gift and she approaches it with enthusiasm. Her new family loves her dearly as well and they take her everywhere. River has been given a second life in a second loving home.