Kid Has Emotional First Day Back To School After Hurricane Dorian

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsA renowned pediatrician says that children begin to stand up by themselves without any support at 9-12 months. There are even fully healthy babies that begin to stand up later than their peers if they are calm by nature or still have an excess of the baby fat.

Even if the child learns how to get up, sitting back safely is not still in the digest repertoire. This is why babies use the opportunity to, when they finally managed to get up, to stay up as long as possible and then falls down bottom first on the floor tired and cranky. If you leave the child without any support at this phase, they will soon forget about their fatigue and repeat the process again and again.

Children, young kids need the support from their family and friends, especially after experiencing such natural horror. It is essentially important that children grow up in a safe a warm environment where they can feel at home and feel safe for healthier and better quality development.

When natural disasters as hurricanes occur it is usually very hectic and scary to predict and even worse, experience. It is difficult on adults let alone children. This is one of the reasons that in hurricane prone regions we teach our children protocols in which they have the best chances of survival. These drills are very important and are the key to better odds all through America.

Today was this boy’s first day back to school in the USA after experiencing Hurricane Dorian in Freeport. The love he received from his friends as soon as he walked into class was so touching! These kids are just thrilled to see their little friends is okay and well. And on the other hand, he can't hold back the tears as he wasn't expecting such a thoughtful welcome. These little kids sure know how to make someone feel good and that's exactly what this little guy need right now. Imagine if all people were to be this supportive and loving towards each other. It would be a completely different and much nicer world. There is a lot we can learn from kids, and this here is the many of one examples!

Take a look as this kid has the warmest of welcoming's after the hurricane. Don't you just wish that all kids are like this and the bond of friendship is this strong. Take a look and have your heart melted!


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