Little Girl Fearlessly Plays With A Python

Published September 11, 2019 915 Views

Rumble A girl plays with 5 meter python at a dried rice field in Tangerang, Indonesia. Her name is Maharani. She is 3 yeards old toddler who is fearless when interact with animal such as python and crocodile.

Maharani infamous with her video that shows she is brushing crocodile teeth. Another video shows Maharani applies medicine to a python with mouth infection. The python in this video is the snake with mouth infection a couple months ago.

Maharani got her interest to animal from her father who is an animal rescuer. Her father, named Syahrul Effendi often buys animal from the pet market when he sees it gets mistreatment from human, probably its previous owner.

From seeing her father cares many animals, Maharani then close to the animals from the age of two years old. She fearlessly touch python, crocodile, holding centipedes, mouses, crows, and other unusual animal.

During her interaction with those animals, Syahrul always pay attention to her daughter so he could act quickly when Maharani in danger. But so far, it never happens and he sees that Maharani has build trust with the animal.