Pooch Teaches Toddler How To Sit

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsIf there is anything better in life than watching babies playing or watching puppies playing, then it can only be a watching a video of a baby and a puppy playing together, which is to say that this video has all the feels, along with an insanely high adorableness quotient. And that definitely makes it worth watching as soon as possible and then over and over and over again. This little boy clearly loves her puppy-like crazy, and it seems just as clear that this puppy loves his little girl right back.

Every child needs a pet in their life because of so many reasons. Pets can teach kids some very precious life lessons and so early on, they will definitely never forget them. True friendship, fair play, sharing, and full love are just a few of the teachings that our fur buddies can train their not-so-furry friends without ever saying a word.

In this adorable video clip, baby Joslyn had been trying to tell Labradoodle Khloe to sit. When all of an unexpected Khloe made her sit. Joslyn was very shocked by this and said 'uhh-oh'.
Such a big dog and such a little baby girl, who could resist them? Khloe is Joslyn's best friend and they share everything together, they play hide-and-seek and they both like to cuddle.

Babies amaze us every day with their talents. Whether they can sing before they even speak, or hold the balance on their daddy’s hand, it does not matter. Babies are awesome! We just wish we knew what was going on in their heads. It is widely accepted that they are born without any previous knowledge, but this baby makes us rethink our stance on this.

Speaking of best friends sharing stuff, we have to mention our favorite compilation that shows a different side of kids growing up with their pets. Every child needs a companion, but a puppy can be the best friends! Especially if they grow up together, the relationship can be as unique and deep as siblings. That puppies will teach your kid the most fundamental principles of life, like unconditional love, sharing, and fair play.

This video feature some of the most entertaining shenanigans that puppies can get with your child. Chewing a toilet roll together? No problem. Licking spilled milk off the floor? Right away. Sharing a crate? Anytime! So if you ever pondered over getting a pet for your kid, we hope this video convinced you into saying YES!