Pup is extremely excited to get home to favorite mat

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRiver is a dog with a lot of unusual personality traits. One of them is that she gets extremely excited to get home and stretched out on her favorite mat on the floor. A very spoiled and well loved member of the family, River has fluffy, over-sized dog beds in every room. She has one in front of the fire, one near the television, one in the living room corner, and even one beside the bed, despite the fact that she usually sleeps ON the bed.
But River has taken a liking to a plain old floor mat more than anything else. She takes her treats there to eat them and her toys there to chew on them and she naps on it as much as any other spot. One of her favorite things to do on the mat is slide and roll around. Whenever she gets home from a walk or a car ride, River runs to her mat and starts sliding around like she is an otter. She makes growly, talkative sounds and wags her tail, obviously thrilled to be back on her mat. She often naps on her back with her paws in the air like she is begging. River's family isn't quite sure why she reacts with such excitement to this mat, but it's possible it has more to do with location than anything else. This is a spot right beside the main part of the living room and a great place to watch the front door as well as the kitchen. It may give River the best vantage point for watching and being included in anything exciting. Whatever the reason, it's hilarious to watch her complete happiness over a small chunk of carpeted floor mat.
River was a rescue dog that was moments from death when she was given a second chance. Her first family loved her dearly and they were devastated when she became seriously ill two days before Christmas. They rushed her to an emergency veterinary clinic and were told that the cost of diagnosis and treatment would be overwhelming. The ongoing care would also be more complicated than an ordinary family could manage. She had an immune system disorder and heart defect that would require medication and ongoing tests.
River's family were heart broken, but they knew they had to say goodbye. Serena, one of the veterinary assistants who was preparing for River's euthanasia fell in love with River and asked if they would consider giving her to a family that could manage River's illness and treatment costs. They were relieved to have an option that would spare her. Serena's mother is a veterinarian and the two of them could treat River and manage her illness more easily. Literally seconds before her last breath, River was given a second life.
River is now enjoying the good life with her new family. She has them completely wrapped around her little paw.

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