Old dog can’t get enough of the pressure washer

Published September 8, 2019 869 Views $24.01 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch as Sasha, a 12 yr old Staffy cross Kelpie, goes head to head with a pressure washer! It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon in the middle of winter in suburban Australia. The family is having people over, so this owner gets his pressure washer ready to clean the backyard paving. Sasha, the family pet dog, watches on in curiosity at the pressure washer. Once the pressure washer starts, Sasha pounces on the Pressure washer, hilariously trying to bite it, but the pressure of the water is pushing her back! Sasha tries this multiple times before realizing that this might not be a fight worth winning! A funny video about the way pets behave and how they react to new things in their environment.

Sasha is the family pet of the Raffaele family from Perth, Western Australia. She is 12 years old and a cross of staffy and kelpie. At her age, she is still a very active pet and has an amazing amount of energy for an older dog. This video is a really great example of this, seeing firstly how excited she gets and curious around what is something new in the backyard. Then how she reacts to it once it’s turned in is very funny to watch. Dog vs pressure washer is the story of a stand off between Sasha the dog from Australia, and the pressure washer that is just trying to do its job. Sasha is trying to stop it from doing its job, and it’s funny to see her reaction when she realizes that she is not the most dangerous thing in the backyard! Her continued reaction is hilarious!

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