Husband Discovers Wife's Very Unusual Gardening Hack

4 years ago

Farming has gone as far back as ancient times and the benefits humans acquire from it is beyond words. As all cultures in this world, farming has also evolved along side the quick upbringing of technology. Nowadays we can make numbers of a produce in a day, what people could once make in a year. Now taking this consideration you would think that technology would mean machines and even chemically induced growth, however what you are about to see in this video is far beyond "technology". That's right, this man's wife has it out for technology and proves that the good 'ol ways are not something to underestimate.

Kristy is a gardener with a very green thumb. All of her vegetables do incredibly well, but the tomatoes are particularly robust. Some of them even look like a cross breed with a watermelon. They grow so large that they break the vines from which they hang before they reach their peak of ripeness. Tired of finding them on the ground under a broken stem, Kristy has come up with a brilliant solution. But she did not mention this to her husband, Dave.

On a sunny day while Kristy was at work, Dave started hankering for a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. He'd been told that the vegetables are ready for harvest and they need to be eaten. He's more than willing to do his part so he took a stroll through the tomato patch to grab a few and he got a big surprise.

Kristy had solved her tomato dilemma by hanging some of the bigger ones in her bras. She strapped them around the wire cages that support the plants and then had two tomatoes right where you would expect them. The garden hack was so clever and so hilarious that Dave went to get his camera so he could get this on video. He's not sure what Kristy will think of her unmentionables being shared with the world but he'll find out soon enough.

As Dave takes us on a little garden tour, he contemplates where this idea would even come from. Kristy might just be reading gardening magazines that are a little more progressive and daring than he once thought. Dave even sees some items in the garden that he doesn't recognize.

It's probably for the best that Dave did not venture over to the zucchini or watermelon section of the garden.

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