Kid Amazingly Shows Off Pro-Like Boxing Skills

4 years ago

Nothing is better than seeing young kids play the sports and games they love and see them passionate about it. If you ask a parent, any parent out there, about their child and how the tiny human is progressing through life, they will probably say the exact same thing. That their child is the smartest, cleverest, most talented kid the world has ever laid eyes upon. In a parent’s eyes, this is always the truth, single and universal and it would be rude to assume otherwise.

But every now and again a clip comes to the light of day that proves that yes, there are immeasurable talents out there. When we saw this little boy nail that boxing tricks, our mouths fell open with amazement!

This little guy may only be in kindergarten, but his talents rise well above that. With excellent handling skills and beautiful Uppercut, along with a natural understanding and love of the game, the sky is the limit for this skilled athlete!

Rumblestaff presents a stunning showcase of this future WBC champion. The now 8-year-old is seen showing off his some incredible boxing skill on the boxing equipment. The kindergartner is shown showcasing some of his sweetest moves, including hook, as well as his Cross skills.

The young boy started developing his skills with the gloves when he was only three years old. He might have been the pipsqueak during the exercise, but his ability is beyond his age. Now he becomes a star on social media, amassing over 10000 followers on Instagram and more than 100000 likes on his Facebook page.

Kids who have the privilege of getting acquainted with a sport of some sort from a very early age can consider themselves lucky. Training sports can teach young children a few valuable lessons in life. Teamwork, team spirit, patience, cooperation, winning and losing with grace are just a few to be named, not to mention the health benefits.

Most little kids could not even think about doing something like this at their age, yet this little guy here is making it look so easy. Most kids at his age are just learning to walk and talk, but not this guy! It is incredible that he can do that at 8 years of age! Surely he has a future as a boxing star one day, get that WBC contract ready!

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