Man Pulls Dog On Skateboard In New York City

Published September 6, 2019 33,376 Views $22.85 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou should see the ability of this dog maintaining his balance while his owner pulls on a skateboard in new york city, it seems that this dog loves the skateboard, probably the dog is lazy and this is a good option to avoid walking unnecessarily. All dogs like to go to the park, but not every day we can see a dog on ridding on a skateboard, although the trip was short, this dog seems to have enjoyed it a lot. This dog has a lot of styles, it's really great!

Man pulls dog on skateboard in New York City he seems to like the idea of not having to walk since he seems to be the dog happy while riding the skateboard. the owner makes a skateboard for the dog. It seems that this dog does not like to drive at high speeds, but despite having been a short trip, it seems that the dog enjoyed it. Do not be afraid of the speed!

Nowadays, it is very easy to see families that have a dog as a pet, which increases the number of nurseries and dog parks. These places are perfect for dogs to have fun and play with other dogs, plus they can get affection and extra care depending on where they are. For dogs, it is very important to attend these places to play with other dogs, as it helps them learn new things and be a little more tolerant and avoid problems with other animals. Even learn to skate!

The dogs are characterized by impressive intelligence and easy learning. These dogs have always been accustomed to working since they are very intelligent and know how to obey perfectly the orders of their owners, besides that, having a lot of energy allows them to work for hours and make their owners happy. There are people who say that this is the most obedient and intelligent breed of dogs, in fact, these dogs are always looking for ways to play or work to waste their energy.

It is recommended that we always analyze and investigate what are the qualities of our dogs to know what their attitudes are by nature, not all dog breeds are the same, some have qualities that others do not. In this situation, we can understand how in the video the dog has trained to understand the instructions and has been able to settle on the skateboard. Nothing to see here, just a dog on a skateboard being pulled by its owner. Priceless!