Sleeping Dog Snores In Hilarious Fashion

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are such hilarious creatures, that is an unquestionable fact! If you are a fan of all the funny things that dogs do unintentionally, you're in for a treat with this video! Prepare to laugh out loud! As the clip begins, you can see a cute dog sleeping on the floor at home. Oh, how adorable is that? Absolutely hilarious! Sleep tight, little one! I wonder what is he dreaming about...

This sweet pooch has probably been having so much fun playing around the house and now he has to stop for a moment to get his him much-needed and well-deserved nap in. He is sleeping so blissfully that he almost looks like an angel. He may look like an angel, but he does not really sound like one and you are about to find out why. He is snoring in his sleep and it almost looks and sound like he is actually blowing raspberries! LOL! How funny are this cute pup’s sleeping habits? Absolutely hilarious if you ask me!

We can all agree that not many things in this world are as annoying as the sound of a man or a woman snoring. But what about a dog’s snoring habits? Most people consider snoring dogs absolutely adorable! And I could not agree more! How funny is that curious case of double standards? If you have never heard a dog snoring, this funny video is here just to make you laugh!

Almost every dog can be a pet, but not every pet dog can be a watchdog, regardless of their size and even breed! If you do not know what I mean, check out this video and it will become crystal clear. This video shows a dog who sleeps on a couch and snores totally unaware of what is going around him! He is so deep in his sleep that he does not even open his eyes when his owner gets very close to him! LOL!

He does not care to wake up. Well, is not that one silly dog? He totally looks like a dog who would make an excellent watchdog, but after seeing this, I would rather have this dog only for petting and get some house protection systems, just in case if my puppy gets sleepy.

As crazy as it may sound, but canines dream when they sleep too. It is weird what could canines possibly dream about? Sometimes they are hunting a cat, others it could be their tail. Animal analysts have said that some canines can even have nightmares; they can dream about being chased down, even abandoned!

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