Dog's expression proves her guilty of stealing treats

Published September 4, 2019 144 Plays $3.72 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPoncho is very much a treat fiend. If treats of any kind, dog or human are left out she finds a way to devour them. Whether it be climbing onto a counter or finding a way to open a totally sealed container or zip-lock type bag, she will get into them. With many attempts at trainer her to not be a "bad dog" she continues to be a sneaky dog. On the day this video was recorded, Brent, Poncho's owner had been at work all day. Once returning home he usually gives Poncho a treat for being a good dog and always welcoming him home in the best way ever, with doggy kisses. Recently Poncho has been having her dog cousin Russo staying with her. Russo is a special pooch and his owners reward him with some very yummy special treats. Freeze dried very healthy and expensive treats, as Russo has some tummy issues.

Well, when Brent arrived home and was going to reward Poncho with one of Russo's special treats, heading to the pantry proved to show Poncho had been up to her shenanigans once again. Opening the pantry, Brent realized the treat bag was missing. Poncho has been known to be a sneaker. Turning, Brent then noticed some plastic bag remnants through the house. Following the trash trail, lead Brent to Poncho's favorite couch.... and the remnants of the once partially full treat bag. Right away Brent heard footsteps of a guilt pooch climbing her way upstairs to her bed. Poncho is well known for disappearing to her bed when she knows she has been caught red pawed. This day was no different. Although performing a "bad dog" thing, Brent just can not get angry at his 13 year old rescue dog. She knows her "puppy dog eyes" always get her off the hook.Today was no different. Brent truly loves his pooch.